Mrs. Learns How to Arrange a Bouquet

I have always wanted to learn how to arrange flowers like a pro. I’ve tried to make Pinterest-worthy centerpieces for dinner parties and gorgeous bouquets for our bedroom, but have never quite hit the mark. A couple of months ago I took a class on bridal bouquet arranging with my cousin and a friend as prep for my cousin’s wedding in September. I am now confident that I can help her arrange bouquets for her wedding, but I also have the skills now to do make some killer centerpieces and everyday bouquets for myself! Win win!

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Use 4 different types of flowers. ¾ of the flowers should be small, filler flowers like Baby’s Breath or Stock, and a ¼ of the flowers should be big, full flowers like roses or peonies. 
  • When arranging the bouquet imagine a clock. Start with three flowers in one hand. Add the rest of the flowers one at a time pointing their heads towards 1 and their ends towards 7. After you add each flower, turn the bouquet 90 degrees clockwise before adding the next one. Remember to switch the type of flower each time so you don’t end up with one type of flower bunched together.  Arranging this way ensures that the bouquet will look round and full. It definitely took me a few tries to be able to hold the flowers in position while turning the bouquet, but the end result was well worth the time it took trying. 


    What tips do you have for arranging flowers?

    Happy Flower Mart Vibes

    Last weekend I checked out the LA Flower Mart with my cousin to get ideas for flowers for her wedding next fall. I loved seeing all the fall flowers, hearing about my cousin's wedding color and flower ideas, and of course getting to spend time together while we are both living in the same area. We have never lived this close together before and I am looking forward to the next few months of being able to hang out whenever we want.