Happy LIVE! with Kelly & Michael Vibes

This morning I hopped out of bed at 4:45 like it was Christmas morning! After refreshing the LIVE! with Kelly & Michael ticket page constantly for two weeks straight, I scored tickets to a taping. And that taping was today!   

My favorite parts were the banter and chatting Kelly & Michael did during commercial breaks between themselves and with the audience. They are both really funny and sweet. It was the best way to start the first of five weekends hosting West Coast family and friends.

Also a big shout out to Rob who accompanied me this morning. Thank you!!

Happy San Francisco Vibes

I wanted our weekend in San Francisco to be mostly relaxing so I tried really hard not to plan the whole weekend out, weeks in advance. I'm proud to say that I did a pretty good job! I only had four must dos on my list. Eat burritos, drink my fave beet juice (what up Greens and Co.!), hang out with my siblings (didn't get a pic with my bro yet) and spend every waking minute with my best friend. I'm very happy and have been smiling all week because all four of those things happened!     Here's to another weekend with family and friends on Catalina Island! 

Happy So Many Things Vibes

The past few weeks have been CRAZY and I took it out on my Happy Vibes post. Through all the stress and crazy were lots of smiling and happy moments though! My sister came to visit, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset on our roof, found the cutest little church (with an even cuter red door!) on a Saturday morning run, and drank yummy NYC themed sparkling rosé.     It will be a bittersweet weekend as we say goodbye to our Brooklyn loft and hello to 3 weeks in CA, but I'm gonna cherish every moment of it and continue to smile!