A Pumpkin Carving Party

IMG_9300To truly celebrate my favorite season and one of my favorite holidays, we hosted a pumpkin carving party. Carving elaborate designs into pumpkins has been a tradition that Rob and I have had since we started dating, and we loved sharing it with a few close friends. It was a low key night of eating food, watching scary movies, carving pumpkins and enjoying some drinks. Everyone brought their own pumpkins and we used a website to pick out the stencils we wanted to use to carve. Photo by Kim

Photo by Kim

As people worked they munched on crostini, fig jam, brie and prosciutto, ruffles with onion dip, pita chips with spicy hummus, and vegan spinach and artichoke stuffed mushrooms. Once carving was complete we enjoyed vegan chili that had been simmering all day, and vegan cornbread from Babycakes. For dessert we indulged in apple pie that I finally got around to making and vegan pumpkin spice donuts that a friend made. Since making a punch was such a huge hit at our spring soiree, we decided to make one again. This time we picked a fall appropriate punch.IMG_9284IMG_6575 IMG_9285 IMG_9287 IMG_9289 IMG_9304

I made an owl sitting in a gnarled tree, and Rob carved Clark Griswold wearing a Santa Hat. One of our friends got really creative and carved a face into the back of his pumpkin. The end result was a spooky shadow behind all the pumpkins. 

The spooky shadow behind the pumpkins.

IMG_4603 (1) IMG_4605 IMG_9297

This party also marked the first of many going away parties since we are less than a week away from hopping on a train and heading back west. It was nice to spend some quality time with the friends that have made these last 13 months so special.

Happy Fiesta Vibes

This past weekend we celebrated my cousin's engagement, her grandma's 90th birthday and Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara! It was a whirlwind of decorating, mariachi, confetti eggs, and tequila. There were smiles and tears of joy all around and I can't wait to do it all again next year!    

Happy So Many Things Vibes

The past few weeks have been CRAZY and I took it out on my Happy Vibes post. Through all the stress and crazy were lots of smiling and happy moments though! My sister came to visit, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset on our roof, found the cutest little church (with an even cuter red door!) on a Saturday morning run, and drank yummy NYC themed sparkling rosé.     It will be a bittersweet weekend as we say goodbye to our Brooklyn loft and hello to 3 weeks in CA, but I'm gonna cherish every moment of it and continue to smile!