Mrs' Happy GIF Vibes!

I wanted a more interactive way to market one of my latest posts (Mrs' Lazy Sunday Series: Reading with Mrs.) on Instagram and turned to GIFs! As I searched for the perfect GIF for that post I fell into a rabbit hole of Gilmore Girl related GIFs and I am not mad about it! [wpvideo 2K6Db3Ln] [wpvideo tagV3tTb] 

 [wpvideo nNnUD6kj]  

[wpvideo dplqr2J9]  

[wpvideo kHrV5yzK]  

[wpvideo LyrfHcY3] I recently watched the whole series on Netflix and when I finished I started watching the first season again! I might be late to the Gilmore Girls bandwagon, but I'm on it now and so excited for whatever reunion is in the works!

Happy Lazy Sunday Vibes

This past weekend was our last free weekend until the middle of October. West coast family and friends are making the trip east while we are still here so each weekend will be full of sightseeing and showing them "our" NYC. We are very excited to see everyone and play tour guides, but it was nice having a weekend where we flew by the seat of our pants.    We walked around our neighborhood, enjoyed sunshine on our roof, tried out a new spot for bagels, walked around Prospect Park, laid under a gorgeous tree talking about all the things we wanted to show our various guests, won the Broadway lottery to see Matilda, and took in a showing of Trainwreck! It was a packed weekend, but it felt slow and meaningful which is how I hope all weekends will be from here on out!