A Pirate Themed Baby Shower

A little over a month ago the first of my friends to have a baby, had a little boy. I have been over the moon excited for her since she told me she was pregnant almost a year ago. I knew I wanted to help plan a fabulous baby shower for her, but with me being in NY and her being in NC, I couldn’t quite host it myself. Luckily her sister in law was on board to team up and co-host an awesome baby shower at her home. Theme  Pirates! My friend, Laura, and her husband are both huge fans of the East Carolina University Pirates. So when she saw an adorable stuffed pirate octopus at Target the nursery room theme (and consequently the baby shower theme) were locked in.IMG_8163

Food  Catered BBQ! Laura’s sister-in-law has two children under the age of two and since Rob and I don’t live in NC we decided it would be easier on everyone to have the party catered. The food was delicious and it was a huge weight off both our shoulders.

Decorations  I had to be strategic in my planning of the decorations. I knew Rob would not go for the same level of arts and crafts we did for my 30th birthday, but I wanted there to be some decorations for the party. I decided to go with a few pieces that were simple enough that they could be put together the day of.

  • A sail with ‘Captain Bryson’ written on it. I got three thin dowels, one thick dowel and string from Michaels, stencils and fabric markers from Target, and off-white pillow cases from a 99¢ store. I ripped the pillowcases to the sizes I needed and stenciled the words on the top sail. The thin dowels were attached to the thicker dowel with the string (leave more space between the middle and bottom dowel than the middle and top dowel). And then the pillowcases were attached by poking a hole through the corners and tying them to the dowels.
  • A helm (or pirate ship steering wheel), a parrot, and flags that spelled out ‘Ahoy It’s a Boy’. I had it all shipped to Laura’s house with strict instructions for her not to open the boxes.
  • I decorated the food table with a blue tablecloth and fishing net to resemble a ship at sea.

We paired these decorations with the center piece decorations Laura’s sister-in-law had and the photo booth props and the pirate theme came to life.

Activities  We framed a picture of the first ultrasound for people to sign as the guest book, laid out onesies and fabric markers for people to decorate, and Rob made a poster-sized calendar of the days surrounding Laura’s due date so we could all guess when we thought Bryson would be born.

Books  Instead of people bringing a card with their presents, we had everyone bring a children’s book so that we could jumpstart Bryson’s library and so Laura could read the inscriptions from friends and family every time she reads the book to Bryson.

Two things surprised me about planning this shower: I was incredibly calm the the day of the shower, and we were done setting up before the party started. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself in the 15 minutes we had leftover before guests started arriving. Those two things have never happened before and I hope that that means I have turned over a new leaf in party planning. Hopefully all the parties I plan from now on will run that smoothly.

It was a low key, but fun shower and I am pretty sure Laura loved it. Mostly because she told me she did.