Happy Thanksgiving Day Vibes

Today is Thanksgiving! I am very thankful and happy to be spending time with my SoCal family this year. We started the day like we have every year for the last four years by running a 4 mile turkey trot-esque race. It is a tradition that I love and hate. I don’t enjoy running for that long, but I love getting a workout in before we hunker down to stuff our faces. I also really enjoy that I have this tradition with my cousins and Rob. I hope we can keep it up for years to come. IMG_5442

I am missing my sister who is on a European adventure right now and I am also missing my aunt, uncle and cousins on the east coast that we celebrated with last year. But I am grateful to be enjoying delicious food (especially the grits ***link***) and catching up with everyone!

Happy Silly Chair Vibes

I was already in a great mood from enjoying a warm bowl of delicious New England clam chowder at the Grand Central Central Oyster Bar when I walked into the bathroom and saw this seat. It made me chuckle out loud!    

Happy Strawberry Vibes

There is no happiness like a ripe, deliciously sweet and juicy strawberry. The last few containers we have bought, from all different stores, have consistently been delicious. I am tempted to say that I have finally found a fruit that is done better in NY than CA.     And enjoying these especially plump and juicy berries while taking in our new view, was not a bad way to start my Friday!