A 30th Celebration in San Jose del Cabo!

Turning 30 has never been a huge deal for me in the way that it is a huge deal for some. I hadn’t been dreading it, instead I have been excited to see how great my 30s will be. The party to celebrate turning 30, however, has been a big deal. It has been in the back of my mind since I was 24. It could have been a huge disappointment since I had been building it up in my head for six years, but it wasn’t. It was one of the best birthdays I have had yet! CaboSunset

The General Jist

Rob and I rented two houses in San Jose Del Cabo for our friends and family to come relax at for either a whole week or just an extended weekend. Seven of us arrived on Monday March 9 and another eight joined us on Thursday March 12. Each person paid for their flight to Cabo and a small fee that we put towards the houses, food, and booze. It was very important for me to cover as much of the costs as Rob and I could afford. If I was going to ask my friends to get on a plane to celebrate my birthday, I couldn’t ask them to spend an arm and a leg to do it.

The Villa

Photo Credit: my friend, Mark


I wanted the house to be stocked with food and booze so that no one had to leave the house to eat or drink. If they chose to spend the whole week next to the pool (as I did), they could do that without risk of starvation.

To get groceries like breakfast items, snacks, and alcohol we used a service called Cabo Grocery Girls. We ordered online a few days before and it was delivered the afternoon we arrived. It set the tone for the whole week--no one would have to lift a finger, the work would all be done for us.

I also wanted the fridge to be full of homemade Mexican food for people to heat up for lunches, dinners and whenever they liked, so we used a catering company, Chileajos to provide all that for us. They also made us lunch on the second day we were there as well as a 3 course meal for my birthday dinner on Saturday.

Birthday dinner enchiladas

Partly to explore Cabo and partly because I didn’t order a wide enough variety of food, we did do some Cabo culinary exploration. We managed to corral the whole group and head to downtown Cabo San Lucas on Thursday night for dinner, and after being scared away from the beach by lightning on Saturday we had lunch at a beachside restaurant called Zippers which included birthday shots of course.


No birthday is complete without a dessert to place candles on top of to blow out. My all time favorite cake is my mom's rum cake. She has made it for me on my birthday every year for as long as I can remember. This year I decided to change it up a bit and we made mini rum cakes (perfect recipe to come soon) with a rum glaze.

Bebidas alcohólica


Leading up to this vacation I had assumed I would be consuming a lot of beer, and margaritas. While that was true on my actual birthday, the rest of the week was mostly low key. I know the 21 year old in me is mildly embarrassed but I am happy at the amount that I drank over the course of the week. I mostly stuck to beer and wouldn’t have my first one until lunch time. This meant that each morning when the sun peaked into our bedroom I was able to get up and start the day without feeling like I was slowly dying. I even got a few work outs in on our balcony as the sun was coming up!


Needless to say the loads of beer, tequila, rum, whiskey, and vodka that we had Cabo Grocery Girls deliver didn’t all get imbibed. Don’t get me wrong, we did considerable damage and had to reorder a few things during the week, but we were definitely not consuming it at the rate I had thought we would. On the weekend the drinking ramped up a bit and I enjoyed a lot of delicious margaritas (recipe to come soon).



I will admit that I bit off a bit more than I could chew in regards to the decorations. Luckily I had a lot of help from family and friends, before and while we were in Cabo, setting everything up. The DIY decorations consisted of Mexican banners, placemats, door name tags, thank you gift serape beer coozies (similar ones here), a giant 3-0 wall decoration formed entirely of pictures of me from the last 30 years and 12 Piñata Party Bags. The Piñatas alone took 2.5 days in Cabo to put together (how to coming soon!). Shout out to my mom, sister, and two of our friends who helped tape hundreds of strips of tissue paper to the donkeys, Rob and my brother for forming the 3-0 and taping it to the wall from the pictures that my brother, sister and mom spent six hours picking out, and to Rob who helped me prep the piñatas in the many weeks before Cabo by tracing and cutting out the donkey shape and other various cardboard parts I would need to assemble them in Cabo. Before Cabo my mom also spent 20 minutes with me on FaceTime as I instructed her on the exact position of the personalized sticker that was to be glued to the serape beer coozies. Thanks Mom!

Photo Credit: my friend, Mark


In each piñata were an assortment of my favorite things like alcohol, candy, and mini hot sauces. But my favorite item in the piñatas were the hot pink flamingo bendy straws! My awesome friends and family also managed to fit all 12 piñatas into their luggage to bring back to the states so that we could reuse them for parties and years to come.



Cabo offers a ton of sightseeing and beach-related activities and I had really thought my friends would have wanted to explore these things, but we all mostly just hung out by our pool. The biggest adventures we went on were the two mile round trip walk to the local Mega store, which included a terrifying sprint across what is essentially a highway and various trips down to the beach. A few people even braved the infamously strong tides known in Cabo and went for some dips in the ocean.

There were also a lot of games played. Board games, pool games, card games, and random party games. One of these party games was picking a movie that all 15 of us had seen and that all 15 of us liked. It took us a little more than 4 minutes to agree on one and it was Mrs. Doubtfire! It highly suggest introducing this game at your next dinner party.

My friend brought a special version of the game Mafia in which I was the queen, always good, and was the final say in whether a person was killed or not. Not to brag, but I was pretty good at determining who was part of the Mafia.

Things I would have done differently

There were only three things I would have done differently. I would have stayed up late the night we arrived to finish the piñatas so that I didn’t have to spend 2 days of my vacation putting them together. I would have planned out the night we went downtown a bit better so there weren’t 15 people following me around aimlessly while I tried to make a decision. And I would have ordered a bigger variety of foods from Chileajos to snack on. Other than that, the week and weekend went off without a hitch!

The Relaxing/Best Part

The week was my ideal vacation. I love to relax and do nothing in the sun while I am on vacation and that is exactly what I did. I was either laying by the pool with a beer in my hand or laying in the pool with a beer in my hand. To start the week off on a truly relaxing note, I indulged in an 80 minute, in-home massage.

Peaceful Massage

This birthday was the perfect blend of celebrating, relaxing, and being with family and friends. Of course it went by too quickly, but the warmth and happiness I felt on my birthday from my amazing family and friends both in Cabo and in the states is enough to keep me celebrating for the rest of this year!