Creating a Meaningful Life: Learning to Meditate

meditationI think I have hit my stride with meditating. Finding my focus has become something I can do relatively easily, and I am able to concentrate for longer and longer stretches of time. The newest trick I learned is that when I find myself starting to get lost in thought, I simply think to myself “thinking” or “wandering” and that brings my awareness back to the meditation and my breath and I am able to let go of my thoughts. I’ve also learned that focusing on the feelings and sensations in different parts of my body makes me feel lighter and helps me concentrate. So I think I can safely say that the habit of meditating at least once a day as been formed. I really enjoy it and look forward to it every morning and night. The only thing I haven’t seen a huge shift in, is my ability to handle stressful situations or not become angry over petty things. I had hoped that the somewhat simple act of meditating once a day would help transform my mind, but I am beginning to see it might take more than that. My next goal is to use shorter guided meditations (3-5 minutes) when I am stressed, feeling anxious or feeling angry to help curb those feelings in the moment. Eventually, I hope, it will become second nature for my mind to steer itself away from those negative feelings.

During the last week, I explored guided meditation a bit more and at the moment it is my preferred method of meditating. I also added meditating into my nightly routine because I really see a difference in how quickly I fall asleep and how deeply I sleep when I have meditated before bed. I plan to keep up the guided meditations in the coming week and to try out ‘in the moment meditation’ when it is needed. I am in the final stretches of cramming for my CA real estate license exam, so ‘in the moment meditation’ might be tried out a lot. Wish me luck!