Happy Christmas Trees

We bought our tree Thanksgiving weekend but it took us a while to get it decorated. I had to buy a few new ornaments and lights to fill a bigger tree than we had last year. Now that our new pad is decorated, clean and moved into, I finally feel like we live in LA. IMG_9710

I am excited to celebrate the holidays in our Highland Park bungalow and to share it with Rob's and my family!

Happy Thanksgiving Day Vibes

Today is Thanksgiving! I am very thankful and happy to be spending time with my SoCal family this year. We started the day like we have every year for the last four years by running a 4 mile turkey trot-esque race. It is a tradition that I love and hate. I don’t enjoy running for that long, but I love getting a workout in before we hunker down to stuff our faces. I also really enjoy that I have this tradition with my cousins and Rob. I hope we can keep it up for years to come. IMG_5442

I am missing my sister who is on a European adventure right now and I am also missing my aunt, uncle and cousins on the east coast that we celebrated with last year. But I am grateful to be enjoying delicious food (especially the grits ***link***) and catching up with everyone!

My Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

Thanksgiving has been a holiday that I’ve looked forward to since I can remember. Not only was it exciting because we got to see our cousins from Santa Barbara, but it was also full of delicious food. When I was younger, my mom’s side of the family enjoyed Thanksgiving at a restaurant in Los Gatos. My favorite dishes then were the mashed potatoes and the raviolis. My cousins and I would walk around the room after the ravioli course and try to persuade other family members to give us their raviolis instead of eating them! Now we celebrate with a smaller group of family at my aunt and uncle’s house in Santa Barbara, and we enjoy a home cooked Thanksgiving meal. My aunt works for weeks on the menu and setting it up (she is my party planning idol!). The traditional Thanksgiving raviolis didn’t live past celebrating at the restaurant (I am waiting for them to make a comeback though!) but there are still delicious dishes to enjoy. One in particular is my grandma’s best friend’s grits. They are full of flavor and deliciously cheesy!

Edie’s Grits


1 qt. Whole Milk 1 C. Regular Grits ⅔ C. Butter (Julia Child would be proud!) 1 Tsp. Salt 2 Beaten Eggs 8 Oz. Swiss or Gruyere shredded cheese ½ C. Parmesan or Cheddar, shredded and combined with an additional ½ C. butter.

-Bring milk to a boil and add butter and salt -Lower heat so that mixture is simmering -Gradually stir in the grits -Stir in the two beaten eggs -Cook until mixture thickens, then add swiss or gruyere cheese   -After cheese melts, remove from heat.   -Beat mixture until creamy    -Pour into buttered casserole (the butter causes a crispy outside).   -Allow to set.   -Pour the parmesan or cheddar and butter mixture over the top. -Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.   

You can make this dish ahead of time and cook right before serving or cook it ahead of time and reheat it.

I can’t wait to indulge in multiple heaping spoonfuls of these delicious grits on Thursday! What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?