Mrs' Happy GIF Vibes!

I wanted a more interactive way to market one of my latest posts (Mrs' Lazy Sunday Series: Reading with Mrs.) on Instagram and turned to GIFs! As I searched for the perfect GIF for that post I fell into a rabbit hole of Gilmore Girl related GIFs and I am not mad about it! [wpvideo 2K6Db3Ln] [wpvideo tagV3tTb] 

 [wpvideo nNnUD6kj]  

[wpvideo dplqr2J9]  

[wpvideo kHrV5yzK]  

[wpvideo LyrfHcY3] I recently watched the whole series on Netflix and when I finished I started watching the first season again! I might be late to the Gilmore Girls bandwagon, but I'm on it now and so excited for whatever reunion is in the works!