Happy New Year Vibes!

For me, this new year brings a lot of uncertainties with it and I have noticed that because of that my mood has been leaning more towards negativity and darkness than I would like. To combat this shift, I am going to be more vigilant about vocalizing at least one thing a day I am looking forward to and I am bringing back my Happy Vibes series.

The 2017 edition of this series is called Good Vibes Only, and I will use it to reflect on things during my week that made me happy and share those little moments of happiness with you!

Good Vibes in Mexico

Good Vibes in Mexico

This week I am savoring our celebration of the New Year in Playas de Rosarito, Mexico! My favorite memories are of all the tacos we ate and wine tasting in the Valle de Guadalupe!   

Mr. & Mrs' Whirlwind Holiday Season

We had a great holiday season in LA! We hosted our first annual family and friends Christmas Eve tamale making party, and spent a lot of quality time with both of our families. We rang in the New Year with a few of our friends, a signature punch, and a gaggle of desserts in our little LA bungalow.

How did you celebrate the holidays this year?

A New Year's Resolution for The Adventures of Mr and Mrs!

I published my first post on The Adventures of Mr and Mrs a little over a year ago. On one hand I can’t believe I have been writing for over a year, but on the other it feels like I just started. I have enjoyed the creativity it has brought to my life through writing, planning content and coming up with ideas. However, it has started to feel comfortable, predictable and a bit stagnant to me. Those three things are a good recipe for making me bored. So before that happens, I am going to change it up!

My main goal will be to provide content that reaches a broader audience. It will be similar content to what I have been writing, but with a new attitude. The rest of the changes will be behind the scenes. I will be taking the next few weeks off to come up with new content, and to enjoy the holidays with my family. The Adventures of Mr and Mrs will return Monday, January 4, 2016!

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday season!IMG_2302