Mr. & Mrs' Whirlwind Holiday Season

We had a great holiday season in LA! We hosted our first annual family and friends Christmas Eve tamale making party, and spent a lot of quality time with both of our families. We rang in the New Year with a few of our friends, a signature punch, and a gaggle of desserts in our little LA bungalow.

How did you celebrate the holidays this year?

Nomadic Christmas Traditions

After 29 years of deliberation, I have finally made my decision: Christmas is my favorite holiday. The lights, food, songs, and general jolliness bring out the happiest me. I feel like I am walking on clouds for weeks. This Christmas was especially magical for me and Rob- being in a city where our dream of a white Christmas could come true. Never mind the fact that on Christmas Day the temperature here was the same as in San Francisco, the point is that it could have been a white Christmas. Singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" a long with Frank on Christmas Eve took on a whole new significance. Festive Empire State Building

This year was also the first year that Rob and I would be apart from our families for the holidays. We started a tradition last year of waking up in our own bed on Christmas morning so Christmas day wasn't going to be the problem. The days surrounding Christmas were going to be tough. I imagined fake smiles and stifled crying from both of us as we tried to convince the other that we had made the right decision by staying in NY for the holidays. Luckily I was wrong. We handled it like champs (with only some slight pangs of regret when we video chatted with our families on Christmas) because we have a solid list of traditions and we adhered to all of them, plus a few more this year. This ensured that our homesickness didn't overwhelm us and turn this into our first and last nomadic Christmas.

Mr. & Mrs.' Old Traditions

We bought a tree on the sidewalk of 8th Ave and decorated it with lights and our favorite ornaments we had brought from CA. We hung up our 'Rob' and 'Sonja' stockings and mistletoe from Trader Joes.

Tiny tree for a tiny apartment

We watched all of our favorite holiday movies- Serendipity, Love Actually, Elf. We listened to our favorite Christmas albums- The Kingston Trio, The Roches, She & Him, Christina Perri and Frank Sinatra. Rob dubbed Christina Perri's version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas as the Christmas song of 2014. We slept in on Christmas day, made bananas and strawberries look like a candy cane for breakfast, and ordered Chinese food for dinner.

Christmas Day Brunch

Mr. & Mrs.' New Traditions

5th Ave Snow Flake

We started some new traditions this year to add to our list. I baked up a lot of delicious cookies and candy to give to our new NYC friends. We strolled down 5th Ave and took in the beautiful window displays.

We added Die Hard, Family ManThe Holiday, Christmas Vacation and Christmas in Connecticut to our holiday movie list. We sang Christmas carols at the church next door to our tiny apartment on Christmas Eve, and went ice skating in Central Park on Christmas Day.

Central Park Ice Skating

We definitely missed our families and all the traditions that come with being with them over the holidays, but we thoroughly enjoyed our first nomadic Christmas.

What traditions do you and your loved ones take part in every year to make the holidays even more special?