Happy Christmas Trees

We bought our tree Thanksgiving weekend but it took us a while to get it decorated. I had to buy a few new ornaments and lights to fill a bigger tree than we had last year. Now that our new pad is decorated, clean and moved into, I finally feel like we live in LA. IMG_9710

I am excited to celebrate the holidays in our Highland Park bungalow and to share it with Rob's and my family!

Happy Thanksgiving Day Vibes

Today is Thanksgiving! I am very thankful and happy to be spending time with my SoCal family this year. We started the day like we have every year for the last four years by running a 4 mile turkey trot-esque race. It is a tradition that I love and hate. I don’t enjoy running for that long, but I love getting a workout in before we hunker down to stuff our faces. I also really enjoy that I have this tradition with my cousins and Rob. I hope we can keep it up for years to come. IMG_5442

I am missing my sister who is on a European adventure right now and I am also missing my aunt, uncle and cousins on the east coast that we celebrated with last year. But I am grateful to be enjoying delicious food (especially the grits ***link***) and catching up with everyone!

Happy Flower Mart Vibes

Last weekend I checked out the LA Flower Mart with my cousin to get ideas for flowers for her wedding next fall. I loved seeing all the fall flowers, hearing about my cousin's wedding color and flower ideas, and of course getting to spend time together while we are both living in the same area. We have never lived this close together before and I am looking forward to the next few months of being able to hang out whenever we want.


Happy Butt School Vibes

One of my favorite work out classes is Pop Physique. It is hard and gets harder the more you go, but I really enjoy it. I had to take a year hiatus because they hadn't opened a Pop in NYC while we were living there and I genuinely missed it. Now that we are back in CA I can start my addiction back up. And I did just that this week by going to two classes in a row!     I am incredibly sore, but am super happy to be back into my #buttschool routine!