Good Vibes Only Double Feature!

Last week was chock-full of little moments that made me insanely happy, but I was so busy showing my in-laws around Dallas I missed my weekly post. So this week I bring to you two weeks of Good Vibes Only! 

Last week's moments -- First, spending a few hours making Valentine's Day cards for strangers for the Handmade Valentine Exchange! I loved tapping into my creative side and spreading love and happiness to total strangers especially in our current world climate. 

And second, learning that the ban on Trump's Immigration Ban had been upheld! The elation I felt couldn't be caught in a picture, but in the moments after hearing the news I could physically feel my mood lift and I couldn't stop smiling. After weeks of feeling helpless at Trumps hands, it was a refreshing reminder to know that the checks and balances our government has in place really do work. And it's inspiring knowing that there are millions of people like me who are standing up for love, acceptance and inclusion.

This week's moments -- First, watching a flock of geese walk across the road. It really is the smallest things that can bring a smile to my face!

Second, receiving Valentine's Day cards from total strangers, reading their inspiring words and seeing all the creative ways people thought of to make cards.