How We Were Active on a 60+ Hour Train Trip

IMG_9541The majority of our train trip from NYC to CA consisted of sitting and eating. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being forced, in a way, to be lazy and relax for a few days. Especially after all the moving and packing we did in the week leading up to the trip. While I was fully prepared to embrace (and looking forward to it) the lazy times on the train, I also didn’t want to be completely sedentary. I was motivated by not wanting to undo the workout schedule I have been keeping up for over a year, but Rob and I also get a kick out of unconventional workouts. They can be a nice change of pace from the monotony of working out at a gym. Rob had hoped that the stops would be longer than they were so that he could run in one direction for 8-9 minutes and then turn around and run back. Lucky for me (I would have been a nervous wreck wondering he he was going to make it back in time) and unfortunately for him, the stops weren’t that long. On the second full day of the trip, we got ready in the morning so that we could take advantage of the first “smoking stop” of the day. As soon as the door opened, we ran out and warmed up with jumping jacks, high knees, and butt kicks. Then we ran the length of the train a couple of times before the conductor yelled, “All Aboard!”. It was a bit awkward because we had to weave through people staring at us and around the plumes of cigarette smoke, but it felt really good to move my body and get some fresh (ish) air.

IMG_9539The stop was about seven minutes long and then we were back on the train doing lunges, squats and calf raises in the hallway downstairs from our room. The whole workout took only 20 minutes, but I am proud of us for breaking a sweat and being active when we easily could have been sitting in the viewing car or sleeping in our room. I was sore when I woke up the next morning which surprised me. My theory is that a few different muscles were used than I normally use because I had to balance harder with the train jerking and lurching as I did my lunges and squats.IMG_9533

We are looking forward to our next long road trip or train trip. But next time, we want to steal an idea from another passenger that worked out when we stopped in Denver. He brought a jump rope with him and simply jumped from the moment the doors opened until he had to get back on the train. As soon as we saw him we thought “Why didn’t we think of that?!”. Jump ropes are super light and they are a great way to get cardio in when you don’t have 30 minutes to go on a run, so they are perfect for working out on the go!