Create a Meaningful Life: Life's Simple Pleasures

The relaxing tubs at Well Within Spa Since I was in high school I have regularly gotten manicures, pedicures, massages and facials. Taking time for myself in these particular ways has been one of the longest standing traditions I’ve had that add meaning to my life. It’s my time to check in with my body, reset it, give it a break from the real world and say thank you for working so hard to keep me alive. People might be skeptical that a pedicure could add meaning to my life (Rob included), but allowing myself these treats brings me happiness which in turn makes my life feel more meaningful.

As I’ve gotten older I have made an extra effort to find my go-to places for mani/pedis, massages and facials. Only in the last couple of years have I felt like I have succeeded. Well Within in Santa Cruz is my favorite for a massage. The Pure Skin with Renata in San Francisco is my go to spot for a facial. I have two places I love in San Francisco for getting my nails done, Joy Joy Nails and Hand Touch Nails.

Making happiness a priority in my life is the key, I believe, for me to be able to help add happiness to the lives of those I love. I hope to be able to take this time for myself for the rest of my life.