Creating a Meaningful Life- Life's Simple Pleasures

In the last 10 months I have taken classes and done research on activities that have created meaning in my life. What I haven’t touched on are the activities and traditions that I have taken part in for longer than 10 months that bring joy and meaning to my life. Lately I’ve been thinking about my own Halloween traditions. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays because of the candy, the costumes, and the fact that it is in fall. To celebrate this year, we carved pumpkins, indulged my sweet tooth and bought $25 worth of candy from a Scandinavian candy store in the West Village Sockerbit, and we will be dressing up for a party at my sister’s house in San Francisco this weekend. Those first two traditions have made me very happy the last few weeks and I know dressing up as characters from a TV show I have recently fallen in love with again (Gilmore Girls) will really make me happy. I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!

Luke and Lorelai