Creating a Meaningful Life: Art Classes

IMG_9319I present to you Yosemite Falls, acrylic on canvas, 24” x 36”. It came down to the wire to get it done on Tuesday night. There was a moment when I was worried I wouldn’t be able to finish it because I had to redo a huge portion of the painting, but my teacher helped motivate me and I got it done. Rob loves camping, and the outdoors and Yosemite is one of his favorite places to experience both of those things. I wanted to incorporate his love for Yosemite into his present and since he happens to enjoy landscape paintings I figured Yosemite Falls would be perfect! I also wanted to accomodate my own tastes into the painting since it would be going up in our home someday. My goal was to make a landscape painting with a touch of abstract. I wanted viewers to recognize what they were looking at without having to draw the individual leaves on the trees or every ridge in the rocks. I wanted the viewers to put their imaginations to work to see the whole painting. I was very happy with the finished abstract look of the painting, but I knew the true test on whether I reached my goal would be when I showed it to Rob. He recognized Yosemite Falls right away so I think that counts as a success!

Adding color to the sketch

Adding color to the mountains

First layer of colors on the trees

In the midst of redoing the rocks

A lot of layers went into this. Any time I gave my painting the side eye because of the way something looked or if the colors seemed off, my teacher would say “it’ll be fine, this is just underpainting!” I was a bit skeptical at first, but she really was right. Every layer, even the layers I didn’t love (the dull lime green first layer of the trees) blended together to make a beautiful cohesive painting.

I am pretty sure Rob is genuinely impressed (you know instead of just being impressed because he’s a supportive husband) with this 2nd anniversary present and I am too! I have a bit of canvas leftover from the roll that I bought, and I have been brainstorming where I can make some more paintings in the near future.