Creating a Meaningful Life: Art Classes

Sorry to say this again, but my super secret anniversary present to Rob is still not done. Good news is that I only have one more class to finish it so I promise there will be a plethora of photos next week! Tuesday night was all about starting the finishing touches. I used everything from my fingers to different shaped pallet knives to sponges to add the final details. The texture that the pallet knife gives and the imperfectness that come with using sponges really helped bring the painting to life. I unfortunately did hit one roadblock. I knew I would hit at least one when I took on this project, so I was pretty impressed that it didn’t happen until hour nine. I went a little crazy with the background imagery and it has taken over the painting in an unflattering way. That little setback happened at the end of class which meant that the high I was feeling in the middle of class from using all sorts of different instruments to paint, went away and I left class feeling a bit anxious. My teacher has assured me that it can be remedied and it will be the first thing that we tackle next week.


As this journey comes to an end, I am feeling motivated  to take another art class in the future. I would love to be able to delve into other mediums like watercolor or oils. I am also feeling sad that I won’t be seeing my teacher regularly. Her calm presence was something that I looked forward to each week, especially if my day had been particularly crazy. Mostly, I am looking forward to using the skills and techniques I’ve learned the last six weeks in future projects!