Creating a Meaningful Life: Art Classes

CAML- ArtOn Tuesday I started a surprise piece that I will be working on for the next couple of weeks. Pictures will be sparse as I keep it a secret, so I will try to keep the posts short as well. I spent Tuesday practicing rough sketching by dividing the canvas into quarters to help establish where objects are in the picture. I learned how to see objects in terms of light and shadow. I practiced by doing a rough painting of my final product only using blue tones from the lightest light (white) to midtones (blue and white mixed) to the darkest dark (only blue). I created objects on my canvas by mixing light tones with dark tones to give the objects depth. By the end of class my eye had already been trained to see how light and shadows make up not only the paintings around me, but life around me as well. IMG_9160I finished out the night starting the sketch of the final product. Because of the size of the canvas (24”x36”) I had to stand over it to draw. I found this process meditative and therapeutic. I’ve never been fond of the phrase “I got lost in…” but I feel the need to use it here. I really did feel lost in the drawing as I determined where objects were in relation to others. I wasn’t aware of my teacher or the time passing. It was a calming and happy feeling.

Next week I finish up the sketch and start adding paint. I am excited to learn new techniques as I bring the sketch to life, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous that the final product won’t turn out like I envision. I promise though, no matter the outcome, I will share it with you.