Creating a Meaningful Life: Art Classes

CAML- ArtWeek 2: Ice Cream Cone: acrylic and water on canvas. Replicated from an image I found on Pinterest. The original was watercolor, but I achieved a similar look by wetting the area I would paint (after sketching it out on the canvas) and then applying paint by stippling. Stippling is creating a pattern with small dots. I used a brush with a slightly pointed tip and barely loaded it with bright red. More paint and less water created the shadows while less paint and more water created the highlights. Adding water made the acrylics less forgiving and left me feeling like I had no control. The color seemed to go where it wanted to rather than where I wanted it to at times. Another challenge with this piece was being able to see the individual parts when the whole wasn’t done. When I pinned it up after I had added color to the ice cream, I found it hard to see the ice cream. I didn’t know where to add color or dull down color to change it either. Once the cone had color on it and I could see it whole, I was able to see the individual parts. Then I could see where tweaks in the ice cream needed to be made. IMG_9069 (1) Before working on this piece, I practiced mixing colors by creating a color wheel. The trick for mixing perfect and vibrant secondary and tertiary colors is using the right primary colors. Cadmium red, cadmium blue and cadmium yellow will get you the precise secondary and tertiary colors found on a color wheel. IMG_9068I wanted to come away from this six week class with pieces that varied in size and shape, but ran into the problem of figuring out how to transport pieces that are already on wood back to CA at the end of October. The solution was to buy a couple of yards of primed canvas from an art supply store. From there I can measure out the size I want to work with (plus a couple of inches on all sides so it can be mounted later) and simply rip the canvas into that size and start working on it. Now when we move I can roll up all the pieces, ship them back to CA and have them framed or stretched in the future. Next week I hope to practice mixing colors more, attempt to paint with watercolors for the first time since I was eight, and start a couple of surprise figurative art pieces.