Turning Your City into Your Gym

Rob and I are big fans of changing up our workout routines so they don’t get boring because there is nothing more demotivating than a boring workout. We’ve tried the popular one song workouts and used the stairs in our old building from time to time. But there’s another great alternative to working out at a gym (and a far cheaper one at that) that we are fans of: urban hiking. Urban hiking is a walk in an urban area that is longer than a 1 mile (at least that’s where I draw the line between a regular walk and an urban hike). They are a great way to sightsee if you are visiting a new city, or explore areas of your own city you haven’t been to before. All while getting a workout in! There are websites out there that will give you good routes to use on your hike, but Rob and I usually end up picking an end point, mapping how we want to get there and then going. Our end points range from a bar or restaurant we want to check out (a nice treat at the end of a workout!) or a specific errand we need to get done like grocery shopping.

The only picture I snapped on our 3.3 mile Labor Day Urban Hike!

What awesome urban hikes have you been on in your city? Or is there an urban hike you’ve done in NYC that you think Rob and I should try? We want to know!