Creating a Meaningful Life: Taking Art Classes

Tuesday was my first day of art class at the Creatively WILD Art Studio in Dumbo! As is common with starting a new school year at a new school, I was a bit nervous. Thoughts about whether the teacher would be nice and if the other students would be more experienced, plagued me all day. I was put at ease immediately upon entering the studio. The teacher was very friendly and I could tell she would be very nurturing. And since it turns out I am the only student, there is no one more experienced than me to compare myself to! My teacher and I discussed what I hoped to gain from taking this class (better knowledge of mixing colors, and more confidence in creating art of all kinds) and what kind of art I was attracted to (modern and abstract). After a quick look at the color wheel, we jumped right into my first exercise. Using analogous colors and a paint knife to create an abstract piece with some texture. Analogous colors are a group of three colors next to each other on the color wheel with one dominant color. The dominant color is usually one of the primary colors. I chose two purples to start and added in a red orange. It was the perfect first exercise because it wasn’t precise. It allowed me to get comfortable with the space, the teacher, and creating art that wasn’t a copy of someone else’s idea like I had gotten comfortable doing with the various Paint Nights I’ve been to.

IMG_8970Sleeping Beauty’s Nightmares is acrylic with touches of watercolor on canvas. Each layer was dried which allowed me to create texture and shapes without the color turning into a muddy brown. For the most part I put color where I felt compelled to put color, in directions and motions that I felt like doing in that moment. At various points my teacher would direct me, helping me create more movement in the piece with less randomness. I learned that abstract art requires more thought than I realized. It isn’t only about putting color where you want, you also have to be aware of the composition so that it is pleasing to the eye. Not too chaotic or distracting.  

All in all it was a great first class. It was especially inspiring to have completed a piece and one that I am proud of. For the next five weeks we will work with various mediums doing everything from abstract pieces to figurative pieces (paintings or sculptures derived from real objects like people). I am excited to be able to guide the lessons in the direction of what I want to learn, an unexpected perk of taking this class!