The Quest for my Favorite Foods: NYC Edition

The QuestI am no foodie, but I am enthusiastic and particular about french fries, rice, ramen, sandwiches, donuts, steamed pork buns and burritos. These “staples” are a weakness of mine for sure, but they also make me very very happy. So since moving to NYC, I have been on a mission to locate these favorite foods of mine. You can't go too wrong when making french fries or rice, so they have not been a challenge to find. However, finding places outside of San Francisco that serve up the rest of these items to my liking has proven difficult. This series is going to document my quest, in whatever city I find myself living in, to find the best (in my opinion) of my favorite foods. Sometimes it will be a challenge but it's a challenge that the food lover in me accepts with an empty and ready stomach! Quest number 1 will be….ramen. Let the slurping begin! If you have suggestions about ramen places I should try in New York, please let me know!