Our Frugal Travels

openroad_thriftyRob and I are becoming known for the frugal ways in which we travel. We don’t simply go online and book a flight somewhere. We try to exhaust all of our options, finding the cheapest one with the most perks. We have no qualms about taking a bus overnight if it means saving a few bucks. Recently though, we got really creative with our thriftiness. We went to North Carolina for a baby shower a few weeks ago and flights were around $200/person. Not a horrible price, but it seemed a bit high to get somewhere within our same time zone. Especially somewhere that could be driven to within a day. So we researched buses, trains and renting a car. Most options weren’t much cheaper than a flight and one (the train) was even more expensive. Then I had a crazy idea and because Rob loves crazy ideas he jumped on it.

My crazy idea was to combine two options: taking a bus and driving. So we booked a Megabus to Washington DC for about $47 round trip. Then we rented a car from DC and drove the rest of the way to Raleigh for about $220 plus gas. Transportation for this trip cost us about $300 total instead of $400+. It wasn’t the cheapest option (the 12 hour bus ride would have been $250 total), but it allowed us to have a car in NC, so we decided to splurge the few extra dollars for that perk.

Since Rob and I can both work remotely, we have the ability to travel frequently. We wouldn’t be able to sustain this lifestyle though if we treated every trip we took as a vacation and had the “we’re on vacation, who cares what it costs” mentality. By keeping our costs down, we are able to travel more.

I urge anyone who likes to travel, but wants to save a few dollars to research all the options that exist for getting to your final destination. Nothing is too crazy if you are willing to give it a try and the getting there can be part of the adventure of the whole trip itself!