NYC: The New Mayberry?

New York City and small town are not terms often heard together. There are close to 8.5 million people living here (as of a census done in July 2014), but it’s surprising how every now and then, it can feel small. While tourists are covering a lot of ground in one day, locals tend to stay close to home or work. So seeing the same people during your commute or at the neighborhood cafe on the weekends is not uncommon. Sometimes though, you experience NYC as a small town in an unexpected way. Rob and I had a fancy date night recently where we got dressed up, and saw Mozart’s Requiem at Carnegie Hall and then grabbed dinner in the West Village (like true New Yorkers I might add, we didn’t sit down until 11:45pm!) at a cute little place called Joseph Leonard. As we waited for our table, I noticed two girls staring at us. At first I was self conscious because we were obviously overdressed for this particular restaurant and I thought we were being judged. My self consciousness turned quickly into annoyance, though, because I can wear whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want. So I owned our outfits and ignored them.

Dress from Rent the Runway!

A few minutes later one of the girls approached us. Before she even reached us she started explaining why she and her friend had been staring at us. They had seen us on the subway 5.5 hours prior as we came from Brooklyn into Manhattan! We all agreed that it was pretty cool that we had been on the same subway in a completely different part of the city than the restaurant we all happened to end up at hours later. It was a nice little reminder that big cities can have small town vibes from time to time.