Stories From the Road: Lyft Edition

IloveLyftLyft was a job that kept me on my toes. While most of my rides blur together, there are three that stand out. There was the 10am on Thursday drunk guy and the prostitute. And then there was K. I picked up K in the Marina about six or seven months before we moved to NYC. I immediately knew it was going to be an easy going and enjoyable ride because of how friendly and bubbly she was. Because her destination was across town, we had a good amount of time to chat. I found out she was visiting from NYC. She found out I was moving to NYC. We chatted about the differences in the two cities, why we were moving, how she dreamed of packing up and moving to SF one day, a bit about my job at Lyft and a bit about her job owning her own company. I dropped her at her meeting, we waved goodbye and I left thinking “I really liked her!”

A few hours later I got a ping and proceeded to the pick up location. Lo and behold my passenger was K again! She got in the car laughing at how crazy it was that we got paired again. We continued our conversations about New York and San Francisco and our significant others. About half way back to the Marina we decided we should do a house swap. She and her boyfriend would move to San Francisco and live in our apartment (so we wouldn’t have to give up the amazing place we had) and we would live in their place in NY. As this ride ended, she handed me her card and we promised to be in touch to figure out the details.

I went home giddy from the ride and thrilled with our plan. After I chatted with Rob about the house swap we decided it wasn’t an idea that worked for us. Our lease specifically said we could not sublet, and we really wanted to be able to live in multiple neighborhoods during our year in NY (despite my aversion to change). What disappointed me more than not being able to do the house swap though, was the fact that I had lost her business card and could only remember her first name. Not only could I not tell her that the idea wasn’t going to happen, but I couldn’t even look her up when we moved.

Fast forward nine months later. Rob and I had moved into our first longer term, temporary home and had been working at a coworking space in the area. A girl walked in who looked so familiar I was convinced she was someone famous. I somewhat creepily kept staring at her trying to figure out who she was. I began to get the feeling that I knew her. Not in a famous person sort of way but in an I’ve met this girl sort of way. I racked my brain for a an hour or so trying to figure out how I knew her when it finally dawned on me. It was K!

I must confess something here. I can be very shy. The day that K walked into the office was one of those days when I was feeling like the little girl who use to hide behind her mom’s dresses in public. No amount of money would have made me walk up to her and say hi. Lucky for me as I was making myself a coffee in the kitchen, I noticed a board that had business cards on it and hers was up there! Bingo! I emailed her later on that day and crossed my fingers she would remember me or at least not think it was totally weird that I remembered her. Our first official hangout was a week later and we laughed together as we retold the story of how we met to our significant others.

Fast forward another six months to present day. We see each other every so often, usually trying out the newest Lower East Side restaurant or checking out a new hot brunch spot. Lyft introduced me to a lot of interesting people and gave me a lot of great stories, but this friendship is my favorite one.