4 Ways to Make a Temporary House Feel Like Home

Being comfortable is a top priority for me. I am happiest in comfy clothes, comfy shoes, relaxing on comfy couches and sleeping in comfy beds. It has been very important to me to make sure that I am always comfortable as we move from house to house because along with wanting to be comfortable, I am also a creature of habit who has a hard time adjusting to change. I knew if I spent this year in New York not feeling comfortable in my space, then the anxiety of change and not having a solid routine would do me in. The best and easiest way to make a temporary house feel like our home is by adding a few things to the space that we are familiar with. So when we move into each apartment, the first thing I do is nest. I unpack as quickly as time allows, finding homes for everything from our essential items to our nonessential items. Our essentials include our clothes, food, computers, etc. The nonessentials are things I brought with us from San Francisco to help make our temporary living spaces feel welcoming, comfortable, and homey to us. Having a house to come home to that really feels like a home can pick up your mood when you are missing friends and family, depressed because it is too hot/too cold, or when you can’t find a delicious burrito to save your life (maybe more of a personal problem). I highly suggest having at least a few of the pieces of the nonessentials I mention below with you if you are moving around a lot. Personal Photos  A few pictures of Rob and I, our family and our friends are always displayed throughout our home. 

 Comfy Pieces  A super soft monogrammed blanket that my cousin gave us for our wedding, and a pillow with our current life motto on it (and lyric from our song) made it all the way across the country with us as well. I love cuddling with the blanket and I always throw it on our couch or the end of the bed. The pillow is a nice reminder that no matter where we are, if we are together, we are home. 

 Sheets and Towels  It feels really good to return from a long day and have one space that truly reminds you of home. That space for me, is our bed. Lying in a soft bed with lots of pillows is when I feel most at home, but since beds vary so wildly from apartment to apartment, I use our sheets and duvet to ensure that we feel at home even in beds that aren’t that comfortable. Towels are such personal items, it never quite feels right using someone else’s so we bring our own towels as well. That way no matter what shower we are stepping out of, we are stepping into a bit of home.

Random Odd Details  Even though sheets, towels, photos, blankets and pillows already added up to a lot of “unessential items” to be lugged across the country, I didn’t stop there. I brought a few special items from our wedding day: the piece of rope we tied into a knot and our framed vows. I also brought every knick knack, magnet, and picture we had hanging on our fridge. Rob thinks this happened by accident, but I am confessing today that it was no accident. We love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen so I knew I wanted our temporary kitchens to feel as much like home as possible. By bringing our fridge decals and decorating each new fridge, I have achieved that.  


I am always a bit anxious before each new move. I don’t love feeling unsettled or homeless and really who likes moving, but as soon as I “nest” and decorate the new space with all of these items, I feel infinitely better. I plan to continue to make our houses into homes as we finish this adventure in NYC and while we are on our adventure of traveling the world. We will need to be much lighter on our feet for that adventure, so many of the things I have brought to NYC will have to be left behind, but there are a couple of pieces that I will sneak in that will help us feel at home no matter our latitude and longitude.