Creating a Meaningful Life: Getting my CA Real Estate License

This year is all about pursuing things I’ve been interested in for a long time but haven’t had the confidence or time to pursue before. All on the common path of creating a more meaningful life. The next journey along this path is getting my CA real estate agent license. RealEstateMeaningfulLife

I have been interested in interior design and architecture since I was little. I used to doodle floor plans for my dream house when I was bored in school, I studied interior architecture and design in grad school, and I worked at a couple of interior design firms in San Francisco before driving for Lyft. A few of our clients at one of the firms were real estate developers and those projects were my favorites to work on. Designing homes that don’t have a specific owner allowed us to be much more flexible than when we designed for a specific client. I was bit by the real estate developer bug while working on these projects and I made becoming a real estate developer one of my life goals. But I don’t only want to be the person that backs the projects financially, I want to be an all inclusive developer. I want to be the designer who turns the house in need of love into a home and I also want to be the real estate agent that finds, buys and sells the houses. I have the necessary background in design, so the next step is to get my real estate license.

Getting your real estate license is relatively simple. I picked an accredited online school (First Tuesday) and bought my course package. I opted to take the minimum amount of courses required to take the licensing exam. Real Estate Principals and Practices are mandatory and Real Estate Property Management was the course I got to choose. Once you have met the minimum amount of study time (7.5 weeks for three courses), and taken and passed all three course exams, you are able to sign up for the BIG exam. After passing the this exam you receive your license!

Studying for a real estate license is much different than taking a creative writing class. For starters it is hard to switch from a creative frame of mind into a business frame of mind at the drop of a hat. Sometimes it takes me a full hour of reading before my brain has adjusted and I am able to fully absorb what I am reading. I’ve also never been great at taking tests, so the amount of anxiety that I feel leading up to each exam I’ve taken has been slightly debilitating. I am finally finishing up my third course and I hope to take the licensing exam when we are visiting CA in July.

While it can be boring and repetitive at times, I have also learned a lot of cool and interesting facts. In the coming weeks I will share my approach to studying, some of the more interesting things I’ve learned and I’ll keep you posted on when I pass the final exam!