Our Voyages: A Birthday Trip to Mexico!

IMG_0061Sometimes our travels are for the benefit of both of us (see our Road Trip and Thailand Trip) and sometimes they are strictly for the benefit of one of us (compromise!). Cabo was one of the latter since we were there to celebrate my 30th birthday, but it was also a vacation for Rob, my family and friends.Lodging

We rented two houses from Tooker Properties in San Jose del Cabo. My goal for the trip was to never have to leave the house and these two houses really allowed me to do just that. They were large, had a pool and hot tub, outdoor grill and awesome kitchens and entertaining spaces. The houses and our hosts are what really made this a relaxing trip where we could forget all our worries!

The Tooker Villa

The Tooker Casa


We flew in from LA (we made a brief pit stop to celebrate my cousin’s 30th birthday the weekend before) and the flight was easy. Getting through customs was another story. We stood in line, winding our way to the front with all the spring breakers and retirees for an hour and a half. Luckily I knew there was sunshine, margaritas and guacamole waiting for me on the other side so the wait wasn’t unbearable.

To get to the houses we grabbed a cab from the airport. We’d been warned by our hosts, and had previous experience with the taxi cabs soliciting us coming out of the airport, so we were ready to smile politely and say no thank you to their calls. We made our way through customs and past baggage claim to the taxi counter. It has a large sign above it that reads “Taxi” so you can’t miss it! You simply walk up to them, tell them where you want to go and how many people are in your party and they tell you how much it will be and who your driver is. Then you pay and are on your way! Airport Tip--If you need WiFi at the airport, the bars outside have access. We bought beers, chips and guacamole from one, and they gave us the WiFi info. I am willing to bet, however, that they will give the password without having to purchase anything. This was helpful for us as we tried to coordinate with others in our party who were arriving on a different flight and had been delayed. Activities

Like I mentioned, my goal for this trip was to do a whole lot of nothing and that is pretty much what I did. Rob lead a few friends on a walk to the local Mega Store a couple of times, we took walks down to the beach, and a few people went for a walk around the neighborhood where they stumbled upon feral cat families and questioning pugs. But mostly we lounged by the pool, ate and drank. It was exactly the vacation I had been waiting for.

Beach walk!

Feral Cat Family

Guard Pug


I really enjoyed this trip as a whole but there were some moments that stick out in my head as my favorites.

  • My Birthday! Of course, celebrating my birthday is one of the biggest highlights.
  • My Friends and Family!  It also meant a lot to me to celebrate my birthday with my friends and family on a dream vacation.
  • Total Relaxation! Zoning out for a week and falling into a total rhythm of relaxation was a huge win.


  • Beachside Hangout! We also spent a few afternoons at a beachside restaurant called Zippers. The service was fantastic and the food and drinks were always exactly what we needed when we came in. It was a great spot to end a day at the beach or to escape from the impending bad weather.

And finally, my biggest highlight…

  • Each and Every Sunrise! Each morning the sun came in through our window and after day one, I made it my mission to get out of bed to watch it. Sometimes I would watch for a few minutes and then climb back in bed, but taking in the sunrise each morning really instilled in me how lucky I was to be turning 30 and how lucky I was to be celebrating in such a beautiful location.IMG_0067_2

I have been savoring this trip ever since we got back because it is the last big trip we have planned for the foreseeable future. Of course who knows what will happen in the coming months, but until then I can feel the sunshine, hear the laughter and taste the Mexican food every time I think about my 30th birthday in San Jose del Cabo.

I also want to shout out to Tooker Properties, Cabo Grocery Girls and Chileajos for making our stay the best that it could be by providing us with services that made us feel like the millionaires we hope to someday be!