Creating a Meaningful Life: Creative Writing Classes

CreatingAMeaningfulLifeAssignment two was easier to write but challenging to stay within the 500 word limit. By showing, not telling, we were to write an original scene for our favorite movie. Serendipity was the first movie that popped into my head. It is definitely one of my favorite movies but I was still surprised that that was the movie I chose to use. As soon as Sara saw the flashing neon sign come into view, excitement filled her stomach. The London air felt electric. The lights dancing off the disco ball blinded her as she walked in. Friday nights were her favorite.. She loved spending hours skating and laughing with her friends as they went around and around the roller rink.   

Jonathan did not want to be here. His parents decided this trip would be about doing things the locals do. Which apparently meant dragging their 12 year old son to a roller rink on a Friday night. “Rapper’s Delight” was pulsing so loudly he could feel the words more than he could  hear them. From his seat on the edge of the rink he watched his parents and sister whiz by every few minutes. He ignored their wild motioning for him to come out by polishing his still bright white Converse high tops with his thumb.

Sara heard her friends before she saw them. They were always giggling. At what--sometimes even they didn’t know. Sara joined them and Emily began recounting the mortifying story of her first kiss at the Brenner’s house the weekend before as they all giggled through the doors to the rink.   

Ignoring his family was not working. They had gotten louder and more enthusiastic. As he saw them coming around the bend again he decided to make a run for it and avoid further embarrassment. He shuffled into the lobby, staring down at the dizzying rainbow squiggles with his hands in his pockets. He didn’t see the flock of pre-teen girls coming towards him.

Their shoulders hit with such force that they both stumbled back. Their eyes met in anger and then softened and turned to intrigue. Emily spoke up for the dazed Sara and warned Jonathan to watch where he was going. He held Sara’s gaze a few seconds longer before she smiled, turned back to her friends and the giggling continued.

The sounds of “You Spin me Right Round” were drowned out by his heart beat, pounding in his ears. He turned around in a flash, tripping on the carpet into the front desk. He snatched the skates out of the attendant’s hand and ran back in, attempting to put his skates on as he did. As he approached the opening into the rink, he was stopped with a firm hand.

He saw his dad and then the rest of his family. Their skates were off and they were bundled up again. “You should have joined us earlier, Jonny,” his dad said. He pleaded with his dad to let him do one lap. But he was having none of it. It was time to go. He looked from his family, to the rink, and back to his family. Jonathan knew there was no way he would win this. He sighed. Better to surrender now than risk being thrown over his dad’s shoulder and carried out.

Sara had been keeping an eye on the lobby doors with each lap. In the middle of her third lap she saw him. He was trying to put his skates on as he ran, but not succeeding. She smiled at how clumsy he looked. Instinctively she reached for her lip gloss and put on a fourth coat. She slowed down and let her friends pass. She wanted to make sure he would be in front of her when he entered the rink.

But then a man, his dad she assumed, grabbed his arm. He was begging his family to let him go. He would move closer to the rink and his father would pull him back. She sighed, quickened her pace and caught up with her friends. As she came around the bend again he was almost through the lobby doors. He turned back at the last second and their eyes met. She smiled, waved and whispered to herself: “I trust fate will bring us together again someday”.