Creating a Meaningful Life: Creative Writing Classes

CreatingAMeaningfulLifeIn-Class Assignment #1 Along with the homework we did each week, we had various in-class exercises to hone our skills. Most of them involved writing from a prompt for five to ten minutes and then sharing what we had come up with.  One of the first prompts we were given was, “Everyone at the soiree looked incredibly elegant.”

At half past eight, the guests began to trickle in gathering near a tower of champagne the color of the womens’ cheeks. Dresses swept the floor and hats were tipped in greeting. The women fussed over their husbands, straightening the bows at their necks. The men slid the luscious coats of mink and rabbit off the shoulders of their wives. The ten piece band on the stage was no match for the din of conversation that rose with each new arriving guest.