My Key to Traveling Happily With the In-Laws

When Rob and I began planning a trip to Croatia with my family last year I thought nothing of it. We are both close to our families and traveling with them has been something we’ve done since early on in our relationship. But when a friend casually asked how Rob felt about traveling with his in-laws it dawned on me that it is not as common as I thought it was for spouses to travel with their in-laws. I panicked slightly because, not only did I not have a clue how he felt, it hadn’t even occurred to me to ask. Turns out Rob hadn’t thought about it either. It is just something we do. IMG_6393

We aren’t perfect though. There have been tense moments as we’ve learned to balance our needs and wants with those of our families while exploring a new country or city. I have learned that the key to keeping myself happy while traveling with either of our families is to carve out some alone time here and there for myself, and also for Rob and I. I take naps, get lost in the world of Pinterest or read. Rob and I try to escape together on a walk, steal moments together in a museum or while sightseeing, and take a few minutes at the end of each day to chat about the trip. If I don’t take these little moments, I tend to get irritated easily and am less able to be adaptable when plans change, which they often do while traveling.


We have learned a lot over many trips and I hope that there are many more trips to come. We are lucky to both have in-laws we enjoy doing things with and even luckier that we have in-laws that enjoy doing this with us!