New Series: Creating a Meaningful Life

CreatingAMeaningfulLife For a lot of my 20s I was caught up trying to find what I was truly passionate about. This fruitless search caused years of frustration, and feelings of being constantly lost. My sister recently told me about a workshop that helps people find their passion. I have not attended it, but I read a blog post from someone who did attend and with one sentence: “Once I stopped thinking about finding a “passion” and started thinking about finding something that brought meaning to my life, I felt more comfortable approaching the subject.” -Kellen McKillop from "I Learned How NOT to Find My Passion in a 'Find your Passion' Workshop", I knew my search for finding a passion was done and I wouldn’t regret it. Finding and doing things that bring meaning to my life has been something I have been doing for years, but because it wasn’t one single passion, it felt wrong to me. Identifying what I have been doing all along as adding meaning to my life rather than thinking I was an irresponsible adult for not heading down a specific career path was a huge weight off my shoulders. My wandering path towards happiness has been the right path all along because it is the right path for me.

Instead of being embarrassed by my helter skelter lifestyle I want to to embrace it and share it so that anyone else who feels lost can see that you’re not alone. This series will follow a new project or new path I am embarking on that is adding meaning to my life. First up: my 6 week long journey taking creative writing classes.

My Creative Writing Path

I began my 6 week workshop at the Gotham Writers’ Workshop here in Manhattan at the beginning of January. My teacher was a very enthusiastic, published writer (Mary and Lou and Ted and Rhoda and Sexy Feminism) who brought a lot of experience and knowledge to our class. She gave us a great foundation to pursue whatever kind of writing we want to. I took the class not really knowing what I wanted to do with it and while I am still not sure what my next steps would be, it has helped me tremendously. I have been able to tap the creative side of my brain that has been dormant for a long time because I lacked the belief in myself that I was good at writing. I am still unsure if I am good at it, but I know I have a lot to say and I now have a renewed confidence to try.

For the next eight weeks I will share the various homework and in class assignments we did. Our first assignment was a description of our apartment. While writing creatively for the first time in years was challenging (I could only make it sound intriguing by writing in third person, which resulted in a mysterious person following Rob and I into our home), the most difficult part of this assignment was staying within the 500 maximum word count.