Sharing Valentine's Day with All Your Loved Ones

Valentine’s Day sneaks up on me almost every year. Mostly because my birthday is exactly one month after and I have usually been planning that long before Valentine’s Day rolls around. When I finally do realize that it’s right around the corner, I quickly pick out a goofy pair of PJ pants for Rob and hope that they arrive on time. We have never done anything more than give each other cards, flowers and small goofy gifts for Valentine’s Day, so it usually comes and goes without much fanfare. Last year, however, we decided to change it up. First, some things you should know about me: I love bubbly, I love my friends and I love throwing a party. Naturally, combining all three made perfect sense. So we hosted our first blind champagne tasting for a few of our friends on Valentine's Day—both couples and singles! Planning was very simple because we wanted to host something low key. We provided cheese, crackers, an appetizer, and a couple of bottles of wine to warm up our palettes. Rob researched all the various components of champagne and made a form for us to fill out while we tasted.

Tasting Form

The rest of the party specifics:

  • Our friends were divided into pairs or trios, each group brought a bottle of bubbly for at least $10
  • Rob took each bottle upon arrival, placed it in a brown paper bag and assigned it a number
  • Each person filled out a form for each bottle as we tasted
  • The form included the region, the color, the sweetness, and a free form tasting notes area
  • Everyone picked his/her favorite and least favorite
  • At the end of the tasting Rob tallied the scores and the person who got the most profiles right, won bragging rights
  • Rob announced the favorite bottle (a sparkling rosé) and the least favorite (unfortunately we can’t remember what that one was)
  • Rob read off some of the funnier tasting notes that people had written and we called it a night!

The aftermath.

I would love to say that we are keeping this tradition alive and hosting another champagne tasting this year, however dry February is still in full swing. So we will relive the memories of celebrating love with our friends last year, Rob will put on a fashion show for me in his new PJs and I will continue planning my epic 30th birthday!

Download a copy of the bubbly-tasting form to use at your next party!

How do you and your significant other and/or friends like to celebrate Valentine's Day?