Lightly Dry January: A Short Term New Year Resolution

Each year ends the same way for me- there is a steady increase in my intake of food and alcoholic beverages starting around September, and culminating in an extremely unhealthy December. Which leaves me feeling dilapidated both physically and mentally. Last year, to counter the end of year beating my liver took, I decided not to drink for the month of January. It wasn't so much a resolution (I have a hard time sticking to those) as a way to start the year off on a healthy note. Rob joined me in the challenge and while the month seemed to drag on at the end (why oh why did we pick a month with 31 days in it?!), we succeeded and it felt spectacular. For me, setting short realistic goals is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For example it is difficult for me to maintain a work out schedule that is anything more than three days a week. If my goal is to go more often than that, I burn out within a few months and I stop working out altogether. This creates a negative atmosphere around my health and I want my approach to my health to be positive. I don't want to beat myself up for failing, I want to reward myself for succeeding. I have learned in the past few years how to set myself up for success rather than failure.

Our goal to start this year off healthy and successfully is almost the same way we started 2014. We have 2 rounds of family and friends visiting this month so January is going to be a lightly dry month. This means we will only be drinking when the friends or family are here. We just finished hosting the first round of visitors- my sister and Rob's family (his parents and sister), and it was a whirlwind of food and booze. We don't regret it though because the culinary sightseeing in NYC is not to be missed. There is by far the largest selection of delicious food in NYC than we have ever encountered (seriously even a hole in the wall place will blow your mind).

We are enjoying the break between hosting guests by eating lots of salads and not drinking. In a week, our second and final round of visitors will be here and there is a very high chance that we will be spending our time with them eating and/or drinking as well. After they leave it is back to salads and not drinking for the rest of January. Because we made the exception of drinking when friends and family are here, this January is a lightly dry January.

To keep the healthy going a bit longer (and in preparation for my week long 30th bday celebration in Cabo in March) we have decided that February will be a heavily dry month. We have no hosting to do and nothing to celebrate so we will not be partaking in even one sip of alcohol for 28 days. NYC is a drinking society so going dry for this long is probably going to prove harder than we think, but come March 1 when it is all said and done our livers, stomach and soul will thank us!