Becoming a Nomad One Move at a Time

Three and a half months ago, R and I packed up our lives and moved across the country. We wanted an adventure. We wanted somewhere grand. We wanted New York City. But we didn’t want to move permanently. So we put a large portion of our belongings into storage, burdened my mom with a few random things to store for us, and packed the rest of it in our 2001 Mercury Sable and headed East! 

We had wild dreams of living out of six bags each for a year. One large bag each, one carry on sized bag each, and each of our work bags. When it was time for these dreams to become reality we quickly realized that six bags wasn’t practical. I, for one, needed at least half of the larger suitcase for my shoes alone. We packed, repacked, cried, and repacked again. When we finally hit the road we had whittled ten bags down to nine and I was proud. There were threats of “forgetting” a few bags, but in the end all nine ended up on the adventure with us. 

As we added more bags to our initial six it became clear that we were going to need storage in NYC. I know it comes as a shock but not all nine bags were filled with essential every day items or all of my shoes. We had our camping gear, R’s sporting equipment, bed sheets and some of my shoes. None of which we needed to lug from apartment to apartment but all of which we wanted easily accessible on the east coast. 

Enter Boxbee. Our NYC lifesaver. Boxbee is a company that provides storage for those of us living in a tiny apartment in the big city. The way it works is this: they deliver a medium-sized box to you, you fill that box, they pick up the full box and store it. Delivering empty boxes and picking up boxes (both empty and full) is free. The storage is only $7.50/month/box and each time you ask for a full box of your stuff to be delivered to you, it costs $30 (pricing info updated: April 7).

One of our full Boxbee bins.

Boxbee solved our storage problem but we still didn't know what we were going to do each time we moved to a new apartment. Moving that many bags from apartment to apartment in the next year on subways alone was not going to happen. To our credit we did try it once and it was pretty brutal. Especially when the subways were overwhelmingly hot. We absolutely needed an alternative to moving ourselves. And one that wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg.  

Enter Boxbee again. We used them on our most recent move from Williamsburg to Chelsea. They delivered three empty boxes to Williamsburg and we filled them up. We packed one suitcase with enough clothes for a couple of days and sent the boxes back to Boxbee. They stored them for us until a few days later when we were settled in our new place. Then they delivered them to us in Chelsea. Having those three boxes delivered cost us $21 ($15 for delivery + $2/box). Add that to the $22.50 we paid for storing the boxes ($7.50*3) and we spent $43.50 to move from Williamsburg to Chelsea. Side note from R: the total cost was actually $48.50 because we should include our transportation to Chelsea on the subway which was $2.50 for each of us. Either way we both agree that it was a great price to pay to take the hassle out of moving and bring us one step closer to total nomad status.

We have a few more moves ahead of us in the coming year, but they will be much less daunting having Boxbee in our back pocket.

All opinions are my own and I was not compensated by Boxbee for this review. If you are interested in trying it out, use this code: o64m5j. You'll get $25 off and so will we!