Good Vibes Only Double Feature!

Last week was chock-full of little moments that made me insanely happy, but I was so busy showing my in-laws around Dallas I missed my weekly post. So this week I bring to you two weeks of Good Vibes Only! 

Last week's moments -- First, spending a few hours making Valentine's Day cards for strangers for the Handmade Valentine Exchange! I loved tapping into my creative side and spreading love and happiness to total strangers especially in our current world climate. 

And second, learning that the ban on Trump's Immigration Ban had been upheld! The elation I felt couldn't be caught in a picture, but in the moments after hearing the news I could physically feel my mood lift and I couldn't stop smiling. After weeks of feeling helpless at Trumps hands, it was a refreshing reminder to know that the checks and balances our government has in place really do work. And it's inspiring knowing that there are millions of people like me who are standing up for love, acceptance and inclusion.

This week's moments -- First, watching a flock of geese walk across the road. It really is the smallest things that can bring a smile to my face!

Second, receiving Valentine's Day cards from total strangers, reading their inspiring words and seeing all the creative ways people thought of to make cards. 

Mr & Mrs At Home in Dallas!

After spending 18 months moving from apartment to apartment in NYC and LA, I was ready to settle down in one apartment when we moved to Dallas. I loved the experiences we got of living in different neighborhoods in those two cities, but packing up and moving every couple of months was exhausting. And while I welcomed the challenge of making a temporary living arrangement feel like home,  that can never beat the settled feeling that comes from being in a home you created surrounded by your own belongings. Just a couple of weeks ago I put the finishing touches on on our Dallas apartment and now it really feels like home. My three favorite areas are:

My office: I love having a dedicated area to work in and bringing my coffee here each morning to start work feels like a treat! Lamp from Ikea, desk from Target, bulletin board made by me, chair from Ikea, stand up desk from Oristand, candle from Voluspa, sign from Grapevine Market in Grapevine, Texas, and coming soon: a frame with my new favorite quote from Florence Foster Jenkins!

Our 50’s Balcony: It needs more plants, but keeping them alive is a skill that we have not yet mastered. Despite that, we love enjoying breakfast or cocktails out here. It really feels like an extension of our living room. Deck from Ikea, faux grass from Home Depot, chairs from my grandparents (19050s originals!), table from Improvements Catalog.

Our living room: Travel has become a major theme in mine and Rob’s relationship and I thought what better way to pay homage to that than to have a travel themed room! Clocks from various stores like At Home, TJ Maxx and Bed Bath and Beyond, globes from various stores like At Home and Cost Plus World Market, clipboard subway art from the internet, travel photos from our own archives, rug from Urban Outfitters, couch from Nebraska Furniture Mart, coffee table from At Home (couldn't find the link), bar cart from Craigslist, wall shelves from Ikea.

All of these spaces have gone through many iterations and they will likely go through a few more before we leave. I am constantly tweaking, rearranging, or re-organizing a space to make it more functional and more cozy. But for the time being I am absolutely content and I love curling up in my favorite corner of the couch and soaking in the feeling of being home.